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Back To BSL – 4 Inches Cut Off

So I finally did it! I mentioned in a few previous posts that I’d had enough of waist length and the hassle that comes along with caring for hair at that length so I decided to not just trim my hair this time round but do a real cut (for me anyway). Ok it’s not […]


Breaking My Silence – Why I Have Been Away For So Long

Yes it’s been a hot minute since I wrote anything here. I hate being morbid, in fact I specifically force myself to be cheerful even in my darkest hours, I mean how bad can things really get? Well for me and my family they did a few weeks ago when I lost my Daddy after […]

challenge results

“Wash Day” While Bunning, Witch Hazel & An Imporomptu Length Check

This weekend has officially marked my 4th week bunning in a row without washing my hair. I should be totally grossed out right now but seriously I’m not. My hair having been cooped up in a bun all this time still smells of my last conditioner/moisturizers and my scalp is only now starting to get […]

Donut bun updo

Trying Out Bunning As A Long Term Protective Styling Strategy

Today I am doing the more ‘traditional’ blog post format instead of the ‘talking head’ videos I have been doing for the last few weeks. Although videos are easier to do, they require me to get my thoughts organized before I hit the record button which can sometimes feel like a lot of work. On […]

The Inversion Method Results - Part 2

Inversion Method Results Part 2

Don’t have much to say for myself this week so I will let the video do the talking….

The Inversion Method Results Video

The Inversion Method Results! (Video)

Ok I know you have all been waiting with baited breath (not really) to find out if my hair grew or not. Well before we get into all that, let me reiterate what I did. For my oil I used my strengthening oil mix because I usually have that to hand anyway and I couldn’t […]

Skeptical Experiment Of The Inversion Method

I Am Skeptical But I Am Trying The Inversion Method – 1 Inch In 7 days

Some of you may know my misadventures with hair growth supplements so needless to say, I keep a healthy distance from any hair growth techniques that include popping pills. But I’m not adverse to trying other methods of increased hair growth. Growth hacking if you will. This is the first of a two part video […]

fluffy braid out

Disneyland Paris And A Fluffy Braid Out (Video)

I think I’m getting the hang of this video making stuff. I still can’t figure out which area of the camera I’m supposed to be looking at while talking but bear with me, it’s a learning curve. I’m actually a bit late in putting this video up, I actually shot it last week while we […]


Get Yourself Some Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment NOW! (Video)

Sorry I haven’t updated in so long. I’ve found myself with very little time for luxuries like updating my blog in the last few weeks. But I managed to shoot a quick video today. Don’t laugh at me please, I’m not a born performer so the exhibitionism that is video creation does not come easy […]

Hair loss from finger detangling 1

Finger Detangling Vs Protective Styling For Natural Hair Length Retention

We will be taking Jasmine to Disneyland Paris in September, just over a week before she starts school. When we attended the school open day earlier in the summer Jasi was in a bad mood so she decided that she hated school and refused to play with the other kids. Sigh. I’m really hoping that […]

Noire Essence Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Noire Essence Shampoo & Conditioner Review – So Disappointed

Recently I have come to the conclusion that I would prefer not to do product reviews for money. I recently had a company contact me wanting to send me their products for review in which they pitched me with the standard offering of getting products for free. Like most people, I’m a busy person. Life, […]

Noire Essence and block of henna

New Mini Stash, A Beach Day And I Am So Done With Natural Hair Shows

Do you get nervous when a bunch of tattooed men in motorcycles ride by slowly while you are stationary in your car? You know the urban cliche that white people sitting in their cars immediately lock their doors on seeing black people approaching? Well I get the same overwhelming urge for self preservation anywhere near […]

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